Salvador Dalí: Honesty Behind Eccentricity
Art lecture • 2 hours
  • Dive into the concept of surrealism and its aesthetics
  • Decipher the main image of Dalí's movie An Andalusian Dog
  • Learn about psychological tricks Salvador Dalí used in his paintings
  • Get to know what Dalí meant by “paranoid-critical method”
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Lecture Highlights
Dalí's art is like an extremely honest conversation, first of all, about the artist himself. Through the things of his making Dalí opens up his phobias, secrets, and desires, using a symbolic system.
The artist's full name is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí y de Púbol. His personality, as complicated as his name, invites people to invent all sorts of myths and legends about him.
He created paintings, illustrations, and advertising logos as well as designed interiors, drew cartoons, and made jewelry.
In this video lecture, we will talk about his life, work, and symbols that turn his paintings into phantasmagorias.
“I am surrealism!” one daring Spanish man once said.