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3 Courses to Be on Good Terms With Yourself and Others
1. Cognitive psychology
2. Psychology of personality development
3. Clinical psychology
3 Courses to Discover Art in All Its Beauty
1. Expert. From cave drawings to Banksy
2. Explore architecture.From antiquity to the present day
3. Cultures of the world
3 Courses to Become an Awesome Manager
1. Personal Effectiveness
2. Psychology of Leadership: 5 Steps on How to Build and Manage a Team 3. Public Speaking
3 Courses for Career Softskills
  1. All about Manipulation
  2. Personal Effectiveness
  3. Public Speaking
3 Courses for Winning Historical Disputes
  1. 20 Turning Points of World History
  2. The History of Ancient Rome
  3. Medieval Europe
3 Courses to Understand the World
  1. The entire history of philosophy
  2. World Religions
  3. Cultures of the world
3 Courses to Discover Art
1. Expert. From cave drawings to Banksy
2. How to read paintings
3. Modern art
3 Courses to Become More Successful
1. Conflicts
2.Personal Effectivness
3.Psychology of Leadership
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3 Courses to Get Insights Into Psychology
1.Clinical psychology
2.Gestalt Therapy
3.Transactional analysis
3 Courses to Find Harmony Within Yourself
1. Cognitive Psychology
2. Get to Know Yourself
3. Existentialism Explained
3 Courses for Those Whose Heart is Given to the Cinema World
1. How to understand cinema?
2. The history of the cinema
3. Cinema Genres
3 Courses to understand how people think
1. An Introduction to Logic
2. Guide to Philosophical Movements
3. Human Cognition and the History of Science
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