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4 Courses to Be on Good Terms With Yourself and Others
1. Cognitive psychology
2. Psychology of personality development
3. Clinical psychology
4. Existentialism Explained
4 Courses to Discover Art in All Its Beauty
1. Expert. From cave drawings to Banksy
2. How to read paintings
3. Explore architecture.From antiquity to the present day
4. Cultures of the world
4 Courses to Become an Awesome Manager
1. All About Manipulation.
2. Personal Effectiveness
3. Psychology of Leadership: 5 Steps on How to Build and Manage a Team 4. Public Speaking
3 Сourses for Career Soft Skills
  1. All about Manipulation
  2. Personal Effectiveness
  3. Public Speaking
3 Courses for Winning Historical Disputes
  1. 20 Turning Points of World History
  2. The History of Ancient Rome
  3. Medieval Europe
3 Courses to Understand the World
  1. The entire history of philosophy
  2. World Religions
  3. Cultures of the world
3 Courses to Discover Art
1. Expert. From cave drawings to Banksy
2. How to read paintings
3. Modern art
3 Courses to Become More Successful
1. Conflicts
2.Personal Effectivness
3.Psychology of Leadership
3 Courses for Those Who Love a Good Book
1.Literature Guide
2.European Literature
3. Utopia and Dystopias
3 Courses to Get Insights Into Psychology
1.Clinical psychology
2.Gestalt Therapy
3.Transactional analysis
3 Courses to Find Harmony Within Yourself
1. Cognitive Psychology
2. Get to Know Yourself
3. Existentialism Explained
3 Courses for Those Who Want to Be in the Limelight
1. Guide to Philosophical Movements
2. 20 Turning Points of World History
3. Literature guide
3 Courses for Those Whose Heart is Given to the Cinema World
1. How to understand cinema?
2. The history of the cinema
3. Cinema Genres
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Art for Introvert is one of the biggest educational projects in Europe. Our ultimate goal is to make art, psychology, and science accessible to a wider public.
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