Spotting Manipulation: Practical Tips
Start living a drama-free life, win business deals, and avoid conflicts at home.
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Manipulation makes us feel tricked, but it can also be neutral or even positive.
Take the clothes you wear. You might have a party dress because you saw it on your favorite singer.
t's not just them - you might be influencing others as we speak. Someone could buy your lucky socks after you, and there's nothing wrong with it.
In this course, we'll learn tips to influence effectively with no harm to others. Our goal is to help you talk to your landlord about reducing the rent, resolve conflicts with your partner, or help your friend cope with a breakup.
A step-by-step guide to help you
Identify your communication style
We'll walk through the three most crucial ego states, Parent, Adult, and Child, to learn how to identify who is in charge of your interactions.
Win battles
You'll learn how to use your words and body language to get other people on your side, spot when someone is trying to manipulate you, and turn the tables on them so that they're working for you instead of against you.
Make your connections last
Did you ever play the game "Broken telephone"? When you pass a message to others, it can lose its original meaning, and that leads to conflicts. We're here to help you avoid these misunderstandings.
Who is this course for?
This course is for people who want to advance in their careers, win more clients and strengthen relationships with parents, children, loved ones or colleagues.
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Course program
Fundamentals of Influence
Lesson 2.
Lesson 1.
Intellectual Traps
Lesson 3.
Psychosomatics of Deseases
Emotional traps
Lesson 4.
Manipulation Strategies
Lesson 5.
Why We Manipulate in Love
Lesson 6.
Final Test
How Our Thinking Shapes Our Life
Bonus Lesson.
Bonus Lesson.
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Reviews from learners
I enjoyed watching course videos while doing my daily walks for mental health. It certainly enlightened me and now I have a wider understanding of the nature of manipulation and I don't think it's being an evil thing anymore
I have just purchased your course and I wanted to say thank you for giving so much valuable information in such a small amount of time. I am business owner and this is my first purchase on here, but it won't be my last! For me, it was money well spent.
Kate Kholad
Oliver Wilkinson
Had some issues with the sound and video quality, but otherwise it was an amazing dive in the field of human communication. Very easy to understand!
If you want to improve your relationships with the people you care about—and the quality of your life—you'll love this course. I do.
Mike Bainbridge
Rachel T
I've been on the receiving end of manipulation attempts and know, from first-hand experience, how frustrating it is when someone tries to manipulate you. But, please, make your quizzes and application better. Thank you for your course
Ann May
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