• Explore the history of theater development from ancient Greek tragedies to modern productions.
  • Here you will learn the basics of dramaturgy, its main components and authors.
From Ancient Greece to the Present Day
Duration 7 hours
Unlimited access
Online anytime

English course with subs

The course will help you:
feel confident when discussing the history of dramaturgy
distinguish between different genres and playwrights
understand what influenced the development of theater
grasp the meaning of what’s happening on stage

learn which elements make a good play or a drama performance

Course format
Full HD
High-quality sound
7 hours of the salient information
Real emotions and charismatic lecturers
Detailed description and helpful visuals
Tests for self-assessment after each lecture
Course program
5 modules
7 hours
Who is this course for?
Anyone fascinated by theater
We will show you how theater appeared and developed, and will help you better understand the ideas of directors and playwrights.
Theater students and graduates
We will guide you through the history of theater, help you systematize your knowledge, and show how you can apply it on stage.
Anyone who writes about theater
We will teach you to discuss theatrical performances and share fun facts from the history of theater.
Why should you choose us?
Comprehensive knowledge for everyone: forget the dull college lectures. Studying can be fun!
Insights in every course: we will lead you to fascinating discoveries.
Charismatic lecturers will deal with complex topics in simple terms—you’ll enjoy listening to the lectures even after a long working day.
Lecture notes will let you consolidate and refresh your knowledge anytime. No need to rewatch the course if you feel that you’ve missed something!
  • I’m really impressed with the amount and quality of info I received with your lectures! I took the course on the history of cinema and enjoyed the whole thing, loved the way you made it. It’s nice to see people who are eager to bring knowledge to others. Art for Introvert, glad to have discovered your project!
    Lilly Oulson
  • Finally sorted out the history of art in my head thanks to your course. Great job, guys! It's really convenient you divided lectures into modules. The speaker was nice to listen to, and I loved the deep delve into the details of each painting you talked about. For sure, it's better to learn about painting with pros than browsing through weird websites.
    Samantha Lewis
  • Finished watching the course on cognitive psychology. I was looking for the comprehensive content that would give me a clear understanding of the subject, and perhaps better my perception of myself and improve my relationships with other people. No regrets about the money paid for the course, Art for Introvert does a great job when it comes to psychology, examples from real life, and clear explanations of what stands behind our actions, thoughts, desires and traumas. Thank you!!
    Philip Mallbrow
  • I've just completed the course Become an Art Historian. Awesome format. The presentation of the material was fascinating, and 24 hours just flew by. I’m glad that for once I’ve spent my time meaningfully. Pulling myself together to take another course, on architecture this time.
    Susan Ross
  • I’m really impressed with the amount and quality of info I received with your lectures! I took the course on the history of cinema and enjoyed the whole thing, loved the way you made it. It’s nice to see people who are eager to bring knowledge to others. Art for Introvert, glad to have discovered your project!
    Lilly Oulson
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  • In my opinion, “Art for Introvert” is the best lecture hall where you can be fully immeresed in art. I've watched a lot of lectures and courses about art, but Art for Introvert is the best. Thanks to these classes, I finally sorted out the history of art!
    At the lectures I received all the answers to my questions about art and painting! Listening to the course is very exciting, it is impossible to just stop doing it! Art for Introvert - you are the best !!
    Samantha Lewis
  • Finished watching the course on art. I wanted to get some structured information on this topic for a long time. This is the best course I have ever come across! I have been searching for high-quality materials on art history for a very long time, but this course completely sorted all of my knowledge out. Thank you very much!
    Philip Mallbrow
  • I've completed the course "Become an expert in the history of art". Amazing format. The presentation of the material was so fascinating that 24 hours just got away. I thank the lecture hall for this opportunity to have used the time constructively, having watched such interesting and enjoyable lectures. They actually provide a lot of information, which is varied and new, but you don’t feel tired afterwards and there is no confusion in the head. I now have a desire to definitely listen to wonderful courses on fashion and architecture!
    Susan Ross
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