We will study the milestones of philosophical thought. You will know about the philosophies of different eras and be able to understand the philosophical language. We will look at the conceptions of the greatest philosophers.
Names, schools, and ideas
Duration: 16 hours
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Who is this course for?
Those who are into philosophy
We will go over the main conceptions of the great European philosophers and explain the chief philosophical terms.
Those who are interested in science
We will demonstrate how philosophy evolved and how it laid the foundation for the development of modern sciences.
Those who study sociology and history
We will study the interconnections between society development, historical events, and philosophical thought.
Course format
Full HD
High-quality sound
16 hours of the salient information
Real emotions and charismatic lecturers
Detailed description and helpful visuals
Tests for self-assessment after each lecture
The course will help you:
the major philosophers and their conceptions
see how different areas of our lives intermingle
understand how science was born and developed
activate your critical thinking and realize how logic works
work with texts and identify the key information
Study process
Study process
Course program
Module 1

Module 1

The Formation of Philosophical Knowledge
45 minutes
  • Ancient philosophy. Socrates and Plato
  • Ancient philosophy. Aristotle
  • Medieval philosophy. Patristics
Module 2

Module 2

When Philosophy Became a Science
45 minutes
  • Medieval philosophy. Scholasticism
  • Philosophy of the Renaissance. Man is the measure of all things
  • Philosophy of the Modern Period. The birth of European science
Module 3

Module 3

The Rise and Fall of Reason
45 minutes
  • Philosophy of the Enlightenment. The power of Reason
  • Philosophy of German idealism. Kant, Hegel, and philosophy as a system of sciences
  • Philosophy of Marxism. New perception of history and society
Module 4

Module 4

Philosophical Ideas of the 20th Century
45 minutes
  • Philosophy of life. Nietzsche at the core of rethinking
  • Philosophical language of Russell and Wittgenstein. Language defines reality
  • Heidegger’s philosophy. Existence and the question of being
Module 5

Module 5

Philosophy of the 20th Century: Reinterpretation of Its Own Tradition
45 minutes
  • Philosophy of existentialism. Freedom and responsibility
  • Philosophical hermeneutics of Gadamer. How does understanding work
  • Philosophy of postmodernism. Modern life in focus
Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

Existentialism: the Philosophy of Freedom (Kafka, Camus, Sartre)
2 hours
Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle: Philosophy of Antiquity
2 hours
Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

Marx, Freud, Nietzsche. Three Theories that Defined the 20th Century
2 hours
Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

Immanuel Kant. The Last Philosopher of the Enlightenment
2 hours
Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

Postmodernism. How to Understand Modern Culture
2 hours
Who created this course
Our actor
Sam Jackson
Why are lectures delivered by actors?

More often than not, specialists who are over the moon when writing their papers and doing their research do not feel enthusiastic about delivering their ideas and texts in front of a camera. This understanding influenced our decision to invite actors who feel comfortable and confident when being filmed. The expertise of our authors ensures high-quality content, whereas the professionalism of our actors buoys up its appeal to the audience.
Nick Dobryakov
This specialist has created the text and notes of the lectures by using recent scientific literature.
Cultural researcher, philosopher, curator,
member of the International Association for Aesthetics
Nelli Kundryukova
Art historian, PhD student in art history
The editor has made the text of the lecture more coherent, structured, and easy to follow.
English editor
This person proofreads the translation and makes sure the definitions used in the lecture are accurate.
Alex Vanbroke
We are sure that education should have no frontiers. This accounts for our decision to translate our lectures into different languages. Thus, you can learn what you are interested in no matter where you are.
Anna Durden
Anastasia Grace
Sound director
Alex Dekar
John Cosgrove
Video editor
The sound director is responsible for the excellent quality of sound and video.
Thanks to the video editor, you can listen to the lecturer and follow the presentation
which boosts your understanding of the information delivered by the speaker.
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It confirms that you have completed the entire course program.
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I’m really impressed with the amount and quality of info I received with your lectures! I took the course on the history of cinema and enjoyed the whole thing, loved the way you made it. It’s nice to see people who are eager to bring knowledge to others. Art for Introvert, glad to have discovered your project!
Lilly Oulson
Finally sorted out the history of art in my head thanks to your course. Great job, guys! It's really convenient you divided lectures into modules. The speaker was nice to listen to, and I loved the deep delve into the details of each painting you talked about. For sure, it's better to learn about painting with pros than browsing through weird websites.
Samantha Lewis
Finished watching the course on cognitive psychology. I was looking for the comprehensive content that would give me a clear understanding of the subject, and perhaps better my perception of myself and improve my relationships with other people. No regrets about the money paid for the course, Art for Introvert does a great job when it comes to psychology, examples from real life, and clear explanations of what stands behind our actions, thoughts, desires and traumas. Thank you!!
Philip Mallbrow
I've just completed the course Become an Art Historian. Awesome format. The presentation of the material was fascinating, and 24 hours just flew by. I’m glad that for once I’ve spent my time meaningfully. Pulling myself together to take another course, on architecture this time.
Susan Ross
I’m really impressed with the amount and quality of info I received with your lectures! I took the course on the history of cinema and enjoyed the whole thing, loved the way you made it. It’s nice to see people who are eager to bring knowledge to others. Art for Introvert, glad to have discovered your project!
Lilly Oulson
Learn more
In my opinion, “Art for Introvert” is the best lecture hall where you can be fully immeresed in art. I've watched a lot of lectures and courses about art, but Art for Introvert is the best. Thanks to these classes, I finally sorted out the history of art!
At the lectures I received all the answers to my questions about art and painting! Listening to the course is very exciting, it is impossible to just stop doing it! Art for Introvert - you are the best !!
Samantha Lewis
Finished watching the course on art. I wanted to get some structured information on this topic for a long time. This is the best course I have ever come across! I have been searching for high-quality materials on art history for a very long time, but this course completely sorted all of my knowledge out. Thank you very much!
Philip Mallbrow
I've completed the course "Become an expert in the history of art". Amazing format. The presentation of the material was so fascinating that 24 hours just got away. I thank the lecture hall for this opportunity to have used the time constructively, having watched such interesting and enjoyable lectures. They actually provide a lot of information, which is varied and new, but you don’t feel tired afterwards and there is no confusion in the head. I now have a desire to definitely listen to wonderful courses on fashion and architecture!
Susan Ross
What is the best way to take this course?
We recommend that you listen to all the lectures one by one to get a full picture. But, of course, you can also start from the part that interests you most.
Is there any time limit for taking this course?
There is none. Watch the course at your own pace.
Can I re-watch lectures after completing the course?
Sure! You have perpetual access to the entire course – and can return to it anytime.
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