Guide to Iconic Painters
Explore art with the most famous examples!
Discover how different can artistic vision be and why it is so
Claude Monet
Pablo Picasso
Raphael Sanzio
Who is this course for?
Build a perfectly structured knowledge of artists and their styles in a few brief lectures
Too busy but willing to learn
Find new sources of inspiration and boost your visual experience
People of creative professions
Get the ultimate art history guide so you can guide your friends in museums like a pro
Art fans
About this course
What you will learn:
Course program:
  • 5 modules
  • 6 hours
In her courses, Helen breaks down even the most complex matters into fascinating and comprehensible topics. That way, she ensures art is open for people and people are open for art.
Helen, over the time she had worked with art, noticed that art is often viewed through the veil of exclusivity. People even think they’re not good enough for it. Being more than 8 years in art professionally, she is sure things are the other way around.
Fine art expert, Ph.D. student
Who created this course
Helen Repina
Art does not owe us anything, nor do we owe it anything. But through it, we can better understand ourselves.
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