Hayao Miyazaki, a Gloomy Fairy-Tale Writer
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Lecture Highlights
Learn the history of Studio Ghibli - a collaboration of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata;
Look at the political agenda in fairy tales: The Welsh miners' strike, anti-war protests in America, and the collapse of the Soviet Union;
Find recurring motifs: sky, plane, girl;
Learn how Miyazaki's characters were influenced by the traditional social structure of Japanese society.
Colourful, complex and very sincere works of Hayao Miyazaki touch every viewer. But through masterly drawn fairy tales the director talks about the great tragedies of our world. Heroes of European children's books, spirits and demons from Japanese mythology fight against war, environmental disasters and human indifference.

Hayao Miyazaki himself does not believe in people for a long time, so he continues to create his own worlds – worlds where alternative humanity seems to live, more honest, more courageous, and better than we are.
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I believe that there’s no such thing as bad or good movie. There are many circumstances and contexts in which movies exist. And we need to learn to understand how cinema works.

I want to teach my audience to understand what each particular film has to offer and how we can evaluate it. And also show how cinema combines different kinds of art.

Movies are our life. We live in the world where every step we take is somehow dictated by a scene we once saw in a movie. Cinema is our world, and we should learn not to just watch movies, but to understand them and reflect on them.
Elizaveta Fandorina
Philosopher (The Herzen State Pedagogical University), film critic (St. Petersburg State University)
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