How to find your way and realize your predestination?​​
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Lecture Highlights
find out if we can really count on the idea of destination;
learn how “the one” work of life differs from any other;
study what to do with emotional burnout and whether it happens even when you are in your place;
consider what beliefs we have that spoil our lives;
"Who will I become when I grow up?" - this question is asked by many , regardless of age. And how many people are engaged in an unloved profession in hope that one day everything will change? And finally what percentage of those people eventually find themselves, " their thing " and begin to think that they are satisfied with their lives?

In the light of such reflections, ideas of destiny, predestination and other predetermination become popular. After all, you must agree: knowing that somewhere out there is the one thing, the one person or that very one place in life, is not just pleasant but terribly soothing.

During the lecture, we will study information that is verified by science only and can bring us real benefit. We will pose many questions regarding the path of life, the search for it and what helps and what hinders in this matter. We will discuss the opinions of scientists as well as false and true concepts. And we will learn how to find our way and understand the predetermination.
We will:
get acquainted with the psychological methods of finding our path.
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Who is the lecturer?
I’ve devoted 10 years to psychology. I study constantly – if it is not a new course, workshop or seminar, then latest articles from the world of psychology or books on the topic.

I am also a clinical psychologist. Although I rarely work in clinical psychology, nevertheless, knowledge in this area is rarely superfluous.

For me, human psyche is akin to space. It has its own laws with all their complexity, and it’s similarly beautiful with all its individuality.

I’ll be glad to make psychology understandable and interesting, and also an instrument that makes life better.
Anastasia Kulkova
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