The Fall of the Roman Empire
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We’ll trace the main stages of the history of the Roman Empire in the 1st-5th centuries;
We’ll point out the main causes and tendencies of the growing disaster;
We will extract a generalized model of the crisis of the Roman Empire, which can be applied in analyzing other social systems;
We will pay attention to cultural and religious transformations in Rome and the influence of Christianity;
The Roman Empire. One of the most powerful empires in the history of mankind. A civilization that, along with Ancient Greece, became the cradle of the modern West.

The point of Roman highest prosperity (I-II centuries AD) became the beginning of its fall as well. The living torches of Nero were still blazing, the pagan patrician revelled in power and wealth, grand arenas and aqueducts were built, bloody gladiatorial battles and refined philosophical and poetic evenings were held, while the building of a formidable and mighty empire was already shaking from within.

The crisis of the slave system and the cultural transformations of the beginning of a new era - all this turned out to be only the tip of an iceberg. But there were also Christians and barbarians, praetorian coups and provincial separatists. At a certain stage, all this resulted in the so-called "crisis of the III century". The empire resisted, but was never able to achieve its former power.

By the end of the 5th century, the Western Rome finally died and became the soil for medieval Europe and the future Renaissance. How? And what was the fate of the Eastern Roman Empire? We will find out at the lecture!
We’ll speak about the personalities and also deeds of the most significant emperors.
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I've been in love with history since high school. Just 3 weeks before entering the University, I decided to study history instead of medicine and since then I have never regretted this decision.

I’ve been working as a teacher and tutor for 12 years. I need to confess I have a professional deformation: I try to interpret almost all events from the point of view of history and sociology.

I’ve been struggling with two questions: “How to make history interesting for my students?” and “How to combine academism and drive?”

History is not about abstract questions and dusty tales of hoary antiquity. History is life itself!
Aleksandr Sbrodov
Historian and culturologist (Siberian Federal University), tour guide
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