The Psychology of Nutrition: How To Build a Relationship with Food
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Lecture Highlights
We will study the connection between our psychic state and eating; how psychological traumas and problems reflect on our eating behavior;
We will discover how our eating behavior is formed in our childhood and which of the things our parents say affect our relationship with food;
We will see how society influences our eating behavior and why the Great Patriotic War changed our relationship with food in the 21st century;
We will understand how food addiction appears, how we could influence it and what types of eating behavior disorders exist;
It is impossible to imagine the human life without food. Moreover, we often are under the influence of society that dictates "correct" body parameters, principles of a healthy lifestyle and eating behavior. And suddenly millions of people go on strict diets and...cheat. For some, these diets do not work at all.

But why does that biological process cause so many discussions and difficulties? Why does the relationship with food occupy so much space in our mind and even cause suffering? What other psychological functions can eating perform apart from satisfying one's hunger? And how can we help ourselves to establish a healthy relationship with food from a psychological point of view?

We will discuss all of that in our lecture!
Most importantly, we will learn what to do in order to find joy in food and make it healthy.
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Who is the lecturer?
I do psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

Long-term training in the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) program has given me an understanding of what is close to me professionally. I’ve also completed courses in child, family, crisis, and organizational psychology.

Psychology is like art. For me, there are no truths here, but there are possibilities. Choose your own, feel and think in your own way. I will be happy to help you expand your knowledge of how you can look at yourself, others, and the world.
Natalya Ziganshina
Psychologist and therapist. East European Institute of Psychoanalysis
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