Mysteries and secrets of artistic masterpieces
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Lecture Highlights
We will see one of the most mysterious paintings of the early Renaissance -"Sacred Allegory" by G. Bellini.
We’ll find out what is hidden behind the smile of Mona Lisa.
We will succumb to the disturbing charm of Vroubel's demons.
We will figure out the meaning of the "Black Square".
Art itself is a great mystery. Looking at the works of outstanding masters, one can only marvel at the wonders of the human genius that managed to "melt" reality into a multifaceted image woven from metaphors and symbols. Especially because art speaks its conventional language, we have to "unravel" it every time. Sometimes the answers are easy and sometimes they are more difficult to find. And sometimes, we come across such works that literally baffle us, forcing us to wonder: what is the meaning of this author's message? What did the artist hide behind these or those images?

In the history of art there are masterpieces that appear as such artistic labyrinths, over the interpretation of which the best minds have been working for tens and hundreds of years. And at our lecture we’ll talk just about this kind of works - some of the most mysterious paintings in the history of world painting. We’ll take a fascinating journey through the world of the great mysteries of art.
We will discover one of the brightest artists of postmodernism and once again make sure that no one should trust rumours.
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Who is the lecturer?
My path in art began with classical music, from where I came to art history.

I am convinced that if you do something, you need to do it with the fire inside. Then you begin to see it in the eyes of those who are next to you. I love to use a creative, lively approach to anything that I do. I write articles about art and sometimes poetry.

I appreciate personal communication, the best addition to which is a cup of fresh coffee.

For me, art is a way to talk about what is important, about meaning, about the love that moves the Sun and the stars.
Maria Kharitonova
Art historian (St. Petersbirg State University), PhD student in culturology (St. Petersburg Institute of Culture), art-mediator
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