Amedeo Modigliani:​ The Mystery of Nudes
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Lecture Highlights
talk about the Paris School, the art at the turn of the centuries and the avant-garde trends - Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Cubism;
study the painting and sculpture of Modigliani and see why his painting can be called "sculptural" and his sculpture "picturesque";
find out how Modigliani frightened the French bohemia, what rumours circulated about him and why he was nicknamed The Damned;
touch upon Modigliani's scandalous romance with Akhmatova;
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When experts talk about Amedeo Modigliani, they consider him to be an expressionist. But this is a rather controversial statement. Modigliani is ... Modigliani. He was inspired not by the paintings of previous generations of artists, but by a different kind of art. That is why his paintings are his paintings, and they have no analogues. His lifestyle was too shocking even for anyone who had seen Montparnasse, and his love stories were worthy of epic novels.

However, fame did not favour Modigliani during his lifetime. Looking at the subtle, almost tangible "Nudes", contemporaries saw only vulgarity and debauchery, not noticing their artistic value. The "cursed" artist is only now considered as an integral part of the Paris School. He is the artist without who the development the 20th century art could not continue – although once he was an outcast. Nevertheless, on the day of Modigliani's funeral, it seemed like the whole of Montparnasse came out to see him off.

We’ll talk about the personality of Modigliani, his art and legacy.
We will:
learn about the shortest exhibition in history, which happened in 1917;
understand why Modigliani was not inspired by his contemporaries - Matisse and Picasso;
discover how to pay for an apartment, if you are an artist, without using money at all.
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