Michelangelo. Beauty and perfection in form
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Michelangelo Buonarroti was a great master, creator, giant of the Renaissance, who was often called Il Divino ("the divine one") during his lifetime. A genius sculptor and painter, poet and architect, he truly embodied the ideal humanist artist of the Renaissance.

The genius of Michelangelo possessed such tremendous power that with his works he "broke through" the epochs. The innovations that he introduced in painting and architecture were adopted by the following eras. His sculptural works connected Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and even gave a hint to the 20th century.
We will find out how Michelangelo got in touch with the most influential family of Italy - the house of Medici due to the absence of one tooth on his first sculpture;
We will expose Michelangelo as a virtuoso master of forgery;
We will marvel at the scale of his work in the Sistine Chapel;
We will immerse ourselves into the depth of the souls of his heroes;
We will find out how the sculpture of David turned into a masterpiece out of a deformed by the other master piece of marble and how it later became exemplar of an entire era.
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My path in art began with classical music, from where I came to art history.

I am convinced that if you do something, you need to do it with the fire inside. Then you begin to see it in the eyes of those who are next to you. I love to use a creative, lively approach to anything that I do. I write articles about art and sometimes poetry.

I appreciate personal communication, the best addition to which is a cup of fresh coffee.

For me, art is a way to talk about what is important, about meaning, about the love that moves the Sun and the stars.
Maria Kharitonova
Art historian (St. Petersbirg State University), PhD student in culturology (St. Petersburg Institute of Culture), art-mediator
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