Marx, Freud, Nietzsche. Three theories that anticipated XX century
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Three great thinkers of the 19th century defined the main ideas and events of the 20th century. Marx, Freud and Nietzsche gave birth to a huge army of admirers and followers.
However, Nietzscheanism and Marxism are far from their original meaning.

The debate over their legacy hasn’t ever stopped. Some would call them charlatans, the others would consider them prophets. Their figures are contradictory and complex, but
most importantly, the 20th century is not to be understood without them.

Ready to explore their legacy? We are then waiting for you at the lecture!
break down the main concepts of these great philosophers.
find out why Marx didn’t understand Marxists and which role Engels played in his life.
clarify what changes Nietzsche brought into the history of Western culture.
understand, why Nietzsche didn’t like Socrates and considered Christ the only true christian.
We will:
examine the role of dreams in Freud’s legacy and study what impact he made on the economy of XX century.
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I believe that art is a kind of love when you love and are beloved at the same time.

I am a philosopher and a curator. I am engaged in everything related to the perception of works of art.

I love marmalade. I've read Homer and Dante in the subway. I perceive the history of art as an exciting novel in which scandals/intrigues/investigations are interwined with ideas and concepts.
Nikita Dobryakov
Cultural researcher, philosoper (St. Petersburg State University), curator, Russian Society for Aesthetics member
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