The Structure of Love. Attachment Theory in Contemporary Psychology
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Lecture Highlights
find the key to understanding ourselves, our relationships with parents, children and partners;
find out what we really expect from the relationship;
answer the question of whether it is worth working on a relationship and how to do it;
understand what determines the inner feeling of comfort in a romantic relationship;
Is it possible to learn how to love – and where you can do it? Why do we build close relationships over and over again using to the same patterns?

A person's ability to love, care and accept care is programmed in early childhood. Our childhood experiences unconsciously shape our expectations and influence our overall satisfaction with romantic relationships.

Psychologists have long studied the issue of relationships. Let's look at the results of their works and answer all questions about relationships strictly from a scientific point of view.
We will:
learn how to understand your parents and not make their mistakes.
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I am a practicing psychologist who helps people better understand themselves and each other. I specialize in family psychology: I work with partner relationships, as well as all issues of parent-child relationships.

My mission is to talk about modern research in psychology in a simple and understandable language, to make specialized information available to everyone. I am sure that knowledge of psychology and pedagogy makes life much easier, so I will be happy to share it with everyone!
Anna Zakharova
Practicing counseling psychologist, Neufeld Insitute (Canada)
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I want to praise your wonderful lecture hall repeatedly. 2 hours went like a minute, I came out of the lecture with a feeling, as if at the end of a weekend: rested, filled with energy of knowledge and excellent mood!

I thank you endlessly and see you soon!

Natalya Kusmarceva
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