Zaha Hadid: architecture of the future
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Lecture Highlights
What is parametric architecture?
What is the reason for her dislike for right angles?
How is she connected with Russia and how is Russian avant-garde related to her art?
What are the trends in contemporary architecture and why do ideas play an important role here?
The queen of curved lines and one of the brightest stars in the world of contemporary architecture. The first woman in history to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the most prestigious award in the field of architecture. Zaha Hadid has developed her own unique architectural language, and her buildings are among the most famous and recognized ones. Apart from architectural pieces, she created theater decorations, scenic and exhibitional spaces, shoe collections, jewelry, decor - and all of that bears the imprint of her unique style.

At the beginning of her career, Zaha Hadid's projects were considered too ambitious and strange, which is why she was only able to realize her first project when she was already in her fourties. Nevertheless, she later became one of the most influential architects in the world, who defined the development of nonlinear architecture. Her buildings often resist right angles, sometimes ignore gravity, and internal spaces create an incredible dramatic effect.
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I believe that art is extremely talkative, and it can be both quite noisy and very quiet and shy. But in any case, it always tends to tell us something. Art speaks to us with the help of line, color, composition, harmony ... or lack of them. And our goal is to hear and understand this message. This is what we will learn to do in our lectures.

It is important to teach you to establish your own dialogue with artworks. This dialogue can be very personal, and it’s wonderful, because in art we are partially looking for a reflection of ourselves.
Nelli Kundryukova
Art historian (St. Petersburg State University), PhD student in art history (Russian Institute of Art History)
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