World War II: Resistance Operations
During this course, you will be introduced to the 6 most famous resistance operations in Europe during World War II. You will analyze their goals and results, as well as what events triggered each operation.
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Who is this course for?
Content makers discussing history
You will broaden your knowledge with impressive facts about WW2 that are not commonly highlighted in study books — your audience will love that!
Enthusiasts who want to know more about WW2
If you want to understand global conflicts deeper or feel like school hasn’t given you enough on this topic — this course will help you build a better understanding of the main WW2 events.
Students learning world history and WW2
Need to quickly catch up on the WW2 topics, or like to show that you go beyond your school program? Want to get to the bottom of it yourself? The course is for you!
About this course
Want to catch up on the WW2 topics? Learn about the most notable resistance operations and uncover the mysteries of the under-the-carpet spy battles.
The course will help you understand:
  • 10 hours
  • 8 unites
Course program
6 hours of videolectures and 4 hours of tests and practice. Each new module is released every 2 weeks.
Nicholas Grace
Master of Intelligence and Security Studies, BA (Hons) in Contemporary Military and International History
Nicholas has generally taken on projects that were interesting to him. They range from Commando raids in Goa to the origins of SOE. Most of his work has been voluntary for community or non-profit projects. By profession, he is an English Teacher. But the biggest interest for him is his side projects related to history. Nicholas has helped a number of people and learned a great deal more.
Who created this course
He was a consulting editor for a Second World War Diary published in The UK. He also created a series of presentations for a cultural group in England about the History of Russia from pre-Rurik to Lenin. Right now, he is in the process of creating a new project about the USSR from 1941 to 1945 for the UK.
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