World War II: Resistance Operations
During this course, you will be introduced to the 6 most famous resistance operations in Europe during World War II. You will analyze their goals and results, as well as what events triggered each operation.
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Who is this course for?
Content makers discussing history
You will broaden your knowledge with impressive facts about WW2 that are not commonly highlighted in study books — your audience will love that!
Enthusiasts who want to know more about WW2
If you want to understand global conflicts deeper or feel like school hasn’t given you enough on this topic — this course will help you build a better understanding of the main WW2 events.
Students learning world history and WW2
Need to quickly catch up on the WW2 topics, or like to show that you go beyond your school program? Want to get to the bottom of it yourself? The course is for you!
About this course
Want to catch up on the WW2 topics? Learn about the most notable resistance operations and uncover the mysteries of the under-the-carpet spy battles.
The course will help you understand:
  • 10 hours
  • 8 unites
Course program
6 hours of videolectures and 4 hours of tests and practice. Each new module is released every 2 weeks.
Course intro
You will get introduced to the course and its contents. The lecturer will introduce himself and make a quick tour of what you will be learning.
Resistance Introduction and Operation Lumps
You will discover how resistance movements developed in Europe and what were the major spy agencies at the time. Put yourself in a spy’s shoes: how would you try to outsmart the enemy?
  • How these operations have been researched
  • Introduction: a brief comment on resistance in Europe
  • Special Operations Executive and Spy Agencies
  • Operation Lumps
The Butcher of Prague and Operation Anthropoid
You will find out what split the Nazis into pre-Nazi and Nazi Official. Discussing Heydrich - one of the key personalities of Anthropoid, you will learn what made him so important for the Resistance movement.
  • Introduction: Czechoslovakia occupied and at war
  • Who was Reinhard Heydrich
  • The complexity of Bohemia and Moravia and what made Heydrich a target
  • Operation Anthropoid. Assasination of Heydrich
  • The aftermath. Heydrich Camps and Lidice
  • Conclusion
Operation Gunnerside
You will learn about heavy waters and what was done to prevent their use in the war. Each of the sides had its own goals and strategy - you will analyze them and build a deeper understanding of the atomic arms race.
  • Norway’s War & Occupation and resistance
  • Heavy Water: what is it, and why did the Germans need it?
  • Sabotage needed part 1
  • Sabotage needed part 2. Operation Grouse
  • Not the end of the Atomic Project
  • The mission accomplished: was it worth it?
Operation Mincemeat
Deception operations - who was deceiving whom? What did Husky, Barklay, and Mincemeat operations try to achieve? You will analyze it in lectures and get additional comprehensive sources about those events and their outcomes.
  • Brief introduction to the situation and the next phase of the war
  • Developing the plan
  • Creating an identity for the body
  • Preparing the mission and carrying it out. The results
Resistance in the Netherlands: what happened after the Nazi invasion? What “game” took place there, and what did it lead to? You will analyze the security drawbacks that resulted in an almost complete failure for one of the sides.
  • Background to Holland and the Dutch resistance
  • The first capture and the beginning of the "game"
  • German dominance of SOE's Dutch Section
Operation Fortitude
You will overview the key changes on the Eastern front, analyze what they meant for other parties, and how the situation affected Operation Fortitude, which was later split into South and North operations.
  • Introduction to the situation and the problem of invading France for the Allies and the Germans
  • Operation Fortitude South and North
  • The last phase of Fortitude and its results
Final comment and general conclusions
After learning about all the operations, you will analyze how complex they were and what results they brought. Thus, you will sum up the information about WW2 resistance in Europe and systematize the course material.
Nicholas Grace
Master of Intelligence and Security Studies, BA (Hons) in Contemporary Military and International History
Nicholas has generally taken on projects that were interesting to him. They range from Commando raids in Goa to the origins of SOE. Most of his work has been voluntary for community or non-profit projects. By profession, he is an English Teacher. But the biggest interest for him is his side projects related to history. Nicholas has helped a number of people and learned a great deal more.
Who created this course
He was a consulting editor for a Second World War Diary published in The UK. He also created a series of presentations for a cultural group in England about the History of Russia from pre-Rurik to Lenin. Right now, he is in the process of creating a new project about the USSR from 1941 to 1945 for the UK.
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Are there any time limits for this course?
There are none. Start any time you wish and watch the course at your own pace.
Can I watch the lectures without an internet connection?
Yes, you can download the course to your mobile device via our app and watch it anytime you want.
How is the learning process for this course organized?
After the payment, you will receive an email with access to your personal account. There, you will find video lectures, a list of recommended literature, a workbook and other additional materials, and tests on the studied material. After passing the final test, you will receive a certificate of completion of the course.
Will I get recommendations on other learning sources?
Yes, the course comes with additional study materials (both to read and to watch or listen to), and in the videos, the lecturer will advise on various helpful resources.
Will we focus on one or two countries, and will the course discuss the Nazis’ reaction?
You will get a thorough and diverse overview of all the topics covered. Each of the six operations discussed in this course occurred in different places. Also, each of the blocks will talk about all important sides of an operation, including the Nazis.
Will I be able to understand the course if WW2 is not my strongest topic?
Sure! You don’t need to be an expert in history or know particularly much about World War II. The lecturer provides a comprehensive analysis of the events and their reasons and outcomes so that you don’t feel lost even if you’re completely new to the topic.

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