of Leadership:
Managing a team is a complicated job that requires more than “being confident” and “believing in what you do.” This professional course will prep you with advanced modern management methods and techniques to help elevate your business and make the most of teamwork.
5 Steps on How to Build a Team and Manage It Efficiently
Online Course
Who is this course for?
This professional course on modern leadership skills and management practices will help you secure the highest positions for your business.
Managers/team leads willing to update their approach
If you feel you lack confidence or expertise in team management, this course is just what you need to get leader skills.
First-year managers
Too shy around people? A mere thought of teamwork makes you stressed? Learn the skills of a true leader to be more effective and comfortable in cooperation!
People that want to boost their social skills
About this course
The course will help you:
master hard and soft skills of being an effective leader
establish healthy work environment and communication channels even in remote teams
develop charisma and learn how to work on it to inspire and influence people around you
keep your team motivated and deal with problems, from emotional outbursts to sabotage
find out what roles there are in a team and how to distribute them effectively
develop strong leadership practices without pushing too hard and scaring people off
  • 6.5 hours
  • 5 modules
Course program
5 hours of theory, 1.5 hours of practice, 0.5 hours of testing
Leadership / Charisma / Psychology of Power
In this module, we will talk about charismatic leadership, what it involves, and how to be careful with your power and not oppress your team.
  • Charisma: What Attracts Listeners
  • How to Develop Your Charisma
  • What Qualities Does a True Leader Have?
  • Leadership Styles: How to Choose the Right One
  • The Edge of Leadership: Where Humility Ends and Despotism Begins
  • Social Responsibility of a Leader: What Impact Do Words Have?
Building a Strong and Efficient Team
Should modern teams be hierarchical? What kind of structure works best, and in which cases? Master the methods of hiring, organizing, and motivating an efficient team.
  • Types of Teams
  • Types of Employees
  • Task Role Distribution
  • Choosing the Right Team Members
  • Creating an Organizational Structure
  • Onboarding a New Team Member
  • Motivating Your Team
Team Communication
You will discuss such important topics as how to be careful and ethical about giving feedback, even if it is negative, what to avoid when talking to your team, and how to keep everyone sane during a crisis.
  • Communication Ethics
  • Rules of Communication and Work Organization
  • Giving Feedback to Team Members
  • Managing Emotion in a Team
  • How to Lead Through a Crisis
Mechanisms of Effective Teamwork
Your words and charisma are not the only things that can make teamwork effective. In this module, you will discover techniques and exercises that will boost the productivity and creativity of both you and your team - some of them take less time than a coffee break!
  • Brainstorming Techniques and How to Run a Brainstorming Session
  • Design Thinking in 20 Minutes
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Managing Your Team’s Work, Projects, and Tasks
  • Rules of Netiquette
  • Stages of Team Development and Ways Out of the Crisis
Team Management
By this time, you have all the essentials covered. Now, to the most complex issues: what to do if your team members openly or covertly refuse to work? How to prevent that? When is it on you and when on them? Master the highest level of management and leadership!
  • How to Deal With Sabotage
  • Employee Training
  • Business Processes
  • How to Lead Your Team Through Change
  • Individual and Collective Responsibility
  • Managing Remote Teams
Spartak Ivanov
Instructor, Sales Expert, and speaker
Spartak began his professional career at the British company MYJAR. He helped them achieve great results: Best Contact Centre Team Award and British Credit Awards.

His mentor was the world’s most famous sales expert, Jordan Belfort, the very Wolf of Wall Street. So far, Spartak has created more than 500 sales scripts and helped 200 companies from 50 areas of business.
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Are there any time limits for this course?
There are none. Start any time you wish and watch the course at your own pace.
Can I watch the lectures without an internet connection?
Yes, you can download the course to your mobile device via our app and watch it anytime you want.
How is the learning process for this course organized?
After the payment, you will receive an email with access to your account. There you will find video lectures, a list of recommended literature, a workbook and other additional materials, and tests on the studied material. After passing the final test, you will receive a course completion certificate.
I’m 10+ years in management—will I learn anything new from this course?
Sure! This is a professional course that covers such sensitive topics as Internet communication etiquette, remote team management, modern healthy leadership techniques, and much more: all are extremely helpful, especially for working with younger teams.
Will this course be useful for me if I’m not a manager?
Absolutely! Even though this course shares the pro tips on management and leadership, anyone can learn and use them. You will learn a lot about everyday communication and how to make it effective instead of stressful.
I want to improve my social skills and be more confident in public—is this course for me or should I look for something different?
This course is excellent for boosting your soft skills and opening up for communication. You can also look at our course on Public Speaking if you’d like to master the art of pitching and convincing people. If you’re more interested in work-specific skills, you will love the Personal Effectiveness course: it will help you with time management and planning.