Do panic attacks stem from fears? How are they different from anxiety? Find out:
Panic Attacks: Why They Appear and How to Deal With Them
  • What panic attacks are and why they happen
  • What causes them
  • How to deal with them using effective practices
Take the course if:
and in the reasons behind various issues, their consequences, and mitigation methods
You’re interested in psychology
and want to know what factors negatively affect our emotional state and provokes panic attacks to prevent this influence
You often feel anxious
and want to learn to prevent and fight them and make your life more comfortable
You have experienced panic attacks
About this course
Everything you wanted to know about panic attacks
Course program:
  • 6 modules
  • 6 hours
As a psychologist, Laura is very warm and close to her clients, while she never disrespects the boundaries of a professional relationship. She believes that this is what allows her to build a therapeutic relationship that is based in trust.

Laura thinks that trust is crucially important if you want to walk with patients in the darkest of times, which she is sure a psychologist should do, as this is a part of the clients' healing journey.
Who created this course
Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Trauma and Crisis Intervention
Laura Isabel Sosa
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