From Aristotle to Everyday Life
An Introduction to Logic:
How to solve riddles like Sherlock?
What is truth from a scientific standpoint?
Master logical thinking with this course!
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and want to improve your thinking and build q systematic approach to learning
People who love self-education
learning scientific methods of research and working on brilliant arguments for their projects
Students preparing for their theses
but not knowing where to start with all the concepts, laws, and ideas
Anyone willing to boost logical thinking
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Ivan’s field of interest covers political philosophy, rhetorics, ethics, and philosophy of history. He emphasises the necessity of philosophy because it is usually neglected while people use it everyday. Instead, Ivan believes it to be inspirational—and he likes to inspire.

Ivan took part in various conferences as a moderator, a participant of a local project, and a school representative. He also gave a public speech regarding the EU's charity efforts and was an interim leader of the Philosophy Student's Association, an organizer, and a presenter of several presentations. For everyone interested in philosophy and related subjects, Ivan publishes video lessons on his YouTube channel.
English Language, Philosophy, Logic, and Ethics Lecturer, MA in English Studies & Philosophy
Ivan Vranješ
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Both knowledge and imagination can be cruel without wisdom.
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