Upgrade your reading experience to a whole new quality level with this course! Get to know the most famous renowned books in our world and learn to see the bigger meaning in the literature.
Literary guide:
20 must-read books
of all times
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looking for sources of professional improvement and personal growth
Authors, journalists and media workers
willing to know more of their study focus, prepare for exams or write a creative essay
Undergrad and postgrad students
always looking for something new to read or struggling to see that hidden beauty of the literature
Reading fans
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  • 6 modules
  • 5 hours
Catherine is an author of multiple articles and original literature courses. Her studies mainly focus on French symbolism and comparative literature studies.
Apart from her activities as an author and speaker, Catherine has also founded several book clubs which she now manages and supervises.
Who created this course
Language and literature studies expert
Catherine Smolenskaya
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