Learn How to Manage and Find the Best Solution

Is conflict a bad thing? If you think yes, you can find a lot of surprises in this course! First of all, some conflicts are to avoid and some—to turn to your benefit. Then, there are win-win solutions. And of course, there are effective tricks and strategies—master it all with this course.
This course is for:
who don’t know how conflicts work and want to know everything about them to use it to their benefit
The busy
who can’t handle conflicts and always panic in confrontation instead of turning it into a source of growth
The anxious
who want to learn how to make conflicts healthy and beneficial with win-win solutions
The curious
About this course
Discover the practical side of conflicts:
Course program:
  • 5 modules
  • 5 hours
Who created this course:
Spartak began his professional career at the British company MYJAR. He helped them achieve great results: Best Contact Centre Team Award and British Credit Awards.

His mentor was the world’s most famous sales expert, Jordan Belfort, the very Wolf of Wall Street. So far, Spartak has created more than 500 sales scripts and helped 200 companies from 50 areas of business.
Instructor, Sales Expert, and speaker
Spartak Ivanov
Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard
Tim Notke
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