Interdisciplinary Art: Collage and Creative Writing
Collage and writing are typically viewed as very different types of art. This course will show you how they are intertwined and which techniques and approaches from collage art can help you improve your writing.
The collages on the landing page were made by Nina Freiman
Who is this course for?
You are taking a BA or MA program
If you are studying humanities or art disciplines, especially those related to visual arts or writing, you will improve your professional skills and learn new ways of expressing yourself.
You are a creative writing artist
Journalists, screenwriters, and other artists of the written speech will learn a lot of useful tips on how to unfurl your creativity and write an engaging story.
You are an art enthusiast
You love art in all its forms or admire certain types more? The course will show you the synergy of different arts and broaden your knowledge of modern art.
About this course
The course will help you understand:
  • 11 hours
  • 7 modules
Course program
6 hours of video content, 1 hour of theory, 3 hours of practice, and 1 hour for testing
Nina Freiman
Artist, editor, writer, creative writing teacher. Co-founder of the Free Collage Artists Club, Creative writing teacher at the High School of Economy.
Nina Freiman is an editor, writer, translator, creative writing teacher, and collage artist from Saint-Petersburg. Her articles were published by RBK, Fontanka, Novaya Gazeta, Meduza, and other media. She translated books by Levi Pinfold, Torben Kuhlmann, Patricia MacLachlan, Anthony Warner, and many other authors. Nina is a member of the Russian collage society Rezh da Kley and, together with Irina Mashina and Zoya Gutnik, the cofounder of the Free Collage Artists Club. She participates in international collage projects and exhibitions and makes collage music videos and collages for book covers.
Who created this course
“Collage helps us to write and creative writing to make collages. Let's find out how it works.”
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