Discover one of the latest art trends in all its beauty! We will discuss what sets BioArt apart, why we call it a different art, not a medium, and where it stands in terms of science, ethics, and modern art. Plus, some pro tips for your own BioArt works:)
Who is this course for?
Artistic people and art industry workers
Artists, art historians: whether you’re interested in the theory or practice of art, with this course you’ll open up new opportunities for yourself. Learn more about the latest trends in art!
Interdisciplinary art enthusiasts
If you love art, you most likely don’t limit yourself to one art form. This course will boost your knowledge.
Art students
With this course, you will be able to find new inspiration sources and even develop your own style. We will help you find new ways of improving your art.
About this course
The course will help you understand:
  • 12.5 hours
Course program
6,5 hours of video content and 6 hours of practice
Each new block will be released every 2 weeks
Laura Rodriguez
Artist and Curator
Laura is deeply involved in BioArt, – both theoretically and practically. Apart from being a university professor and lecturer at Art ofr Introvert she is also a BioArt artist With her art, Laura promotes scientific development through philosophical messages of coexistence and empathy among all species.
Who created this course
Laura believes the purpose of her artistic and scientific work is to amaze people by seeing how her students acquire knowledge useful for their professional or even daily life, as well as create, analyze, and understand the world from an artistic perspective.
As an artist, I explore the impact of technology on culture and identity.
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