Ads are much more than a direct push to buy things. Learn to see art in advertising (where there is art), find out more about how it was developing over time and how it works now, and, of course, analyze great and not-so-great examples from real life. Let’s get started!
The Development of Advertising Through Time
Who is this course for?
Advertising art enthusiasts
Ads can be amazing masterpieces of visual, textual, or other art. This course will show you examples of advertising art from all over the world and fix you up with the resources to find such ads.
Beginners in advertising & marketing
Want to make a career in advertising? This course will help you with the theory, historical background, and real-life examples of great ads: let it become the grounds of your future work and studies!
Creative professionals looking for inspiration
Advertising is not meant to annoy people, although some ads may seem that way. Here you can find resources and examples to inspire your own work as well as learn more about different forms of creativity in advertising.
About this course
The course will help you understand:
  • 8 hours
Course program
6 hours of theory, 1.5 hours of practice, 0.5 hours of testing
Helga Burdz
Producer, MSc in Communication Sciences in Media & Convergence Management at the AAU
Helga has been working in media analytics, producing and promoting for nearly 5 years. During this time, she was working with various IT startups and universities. Currently, she is working as a producer of educational products at Art for Introvert: her main job is to find interesting experts in various fields, create new courses and promotional campaigns, and work on development strategies for them. Her interest in advertising arose at the time of doing her master's degree in Communication Sciences in Media & Convergence Management at the University of Klagenfurt. During her studies, Helga conducted a research on the differences between traditional advertising and branded entertainment.
Who created this course
There is no such thing as modern art. There is art and there is advertising.
Albert Sterner
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