How Can We Understand
Contemporary Art?
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Lecture Highlights
Learn about the main features of contemporary art;
Talk about the main artists of modern art: Manet, Rothko, Kossuth, Abramovich, etc.
See how contemporary art in Russia looks like;
Find out why these seemingly ordinary items are so expensive;
Since the middle of the XIX century, art starts to speak about modernity, using its own language. It all began with Edouard Manet's "Olympia" which is considered the origins of modern art.

It seems that once art speaks in a modern language, it means that it becomes closer and more comprehensible to us. But the situation is exactly the opposite.

We have some problems with the perception and understanding of contemporary art. But it is much simpler than it is presented to us by curators, critics, artists themselves, etc.

What does contemporary art mean? How can we learn to enjoy it? What are its main features? We will find all that out at our lecture!
Understand why contemporary art is so weird – and why originality becomes more important than skills.
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Who is the lecturer?
I specialize in contemporary art and study phenomena of the art market because it is inseparable from scandals and sensationally high prices that are paid at auctions and fairs.

I would like to bridge the gap between the audience and contemporary art and demonstrate that art often confuses us, whereas we voluntarily get confused in the process of its perceiption.

I believe that modern art is surrounded by myths and stereotypes, which we will uncover in our lectures.
Nikita Venkov
Art historian (SPUHSS), curator
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