Asian cinema: from "Seven Samurai" to "Parasite"
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Lecture Highlights
Asian cinema often surprises European audiences and has long been a source of inspiration for Hollywood.

Its history is full of little-known masterpieces. World Wars, colonial oppression and the Cultural Revolution have shaped a unique cinematic culture in Japan, Korea and China, firmly rooted in local traditions.
In our lecture, we will get acquainted with the main hits of the festival, such as "Parasites" by Bong Chung Ho, "Oldboy" by Park Chang Wook or "In the Mood for Love" by Wong Karwai.

We'll also talk about the massive Asian cinematography that is shown in cinemas every day: films about Godzilla, dramas about love and comedies about luck for the Chinese New Year.

And we will also learn about the mutual influence of the cinema of the West and the East - after all, without the Hong Kong influence, there would never have been a "Matrix" by Wachowski and "Apostates" by Scorsese.
Learn that there are more films made in little Hong Kong than in the whole big Hollywood;
Find out how natural forces almost destroyed Japanese cinema;
Understand how Korean melodramas became an ideological weapon against the occupation;
We will:
Analyze the originality of Asian cinema and its origins;
Talk about its main masterpieces, which will make your movie nights more interesting.
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Who is the lecturer?
I believe that there’s no such thing as bad or good movie. There are many circumstances and contexts in which movies exist. And we need to learn to understand how cinema works.

I want to teach my audience to understand what each particular film has to offer and how we can evaluate it. And also show how cinema combines different kinds of art.

Movies are our life. We live in the world where every step we take is somehow dictated by a scene we once saw in a movie. Cinema is our world, and we should learn not to just watch movies, but to understand them and reflect on them.
Elizaveta Fandorina
Philosopher (The Herzen State Pedagogical University), film critic (St. Petersburg State University)
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