How to read architecture. Signs and Archetypes
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Lecture Highlights
find out why a column became a sign of the good architecture;
learn about archetypes in architecture;
find out how the career ladder is connected to the stone one;
find out if there’s such a thing like “totalitarian architecture”.
Architecture is the most complex art of four dimensions. There are no plots in it, unlike in painting, but it constantly tells us something.

Throughout history, architecture has developed its language. It has developed a kind of alphabet of elements from which architects make up their architectural statements. How does this language sound? Has he retained his accessibility to modern man and to what extent? And how to understand architecture?

The purpose of this lecture is to get acquainted with architecture and its formal features. We will deal with its basic elements and their meanings. And we will understand that there are no random details in architecture, everything tells us something.
We will:
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I believe that art is extremely talkative, and it can be both quite noisy and very quiet and shy. But in any case, it always tends to tell us something. Art speaks to us with the help of line, color, composition, harmony ... or lack of them. And our goal is to hear and understand this message. This is what we will learn to do in our lectures.

It is important to teach you to establish your own dialogue with artworks. This dialogue can be very personal, and it’s wonderful, because in art we are partially looking for a reflection of ourselves.
Nelli Kundryukova
Art historian (St. Petersburg State University), PhD student in art history (Russian Institute of Art History)
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