The Mystery of Shakespeare`s Personality and Heritage
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Lecture Highlights
What is the "Shakespeare authorship question" and why there are so many versions about who is a real author of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Macbeth"?
What kind of theater was in Shakespeare's era and what did he bring new in it?
We will analyze the main works: "Hamlet", "King Lear", "Macbeth" and "Romeo and Juliet".
William Shakespeare is famous not only for his works, but also for the mystery of his own personality. From the XIX century to the present day, about 60 people claim the right to be called Shakespeare: here is philosopher Bacon, playwright Marlowe, and a galaxy of English earls.

The idea that one person in less than 25 years has created the entire drama anew simply doesn't fit in human mind. Shakespeare's vocabulary is more than 30,000 words, and there are 300-500 absolutely unique ones in each work.

His tragedies have been translated into dozens of languages, and one researcher said: "If all tragedies except Hamlet suddenly disappear, theater will live!"

Who is hiding behind the mask of Shakespeare? What is the peculiarity of The Globe Theater? Why is Shakespeare's work immortal? We will find out at our lecture!
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I will be your guide to the world of art!

I believe that art is a kind of love when you love and are beloved at the same time.

I am a philosopher and a curator. I am engaged in everything related to the perception of works of art.

I love marmalade. I've read Homer and Dante in the subway. I perceive the history of art as an exciting novel in which scandals/intrigues/investigations are interwined with ideas and concepts.
Nikita Dobryakov
Cultural researcher, philosoper (St. Petersburg State University), curator, Russian Society for Aesthetics member
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