Clinical Psychology
+ Get the hang of psychological types to help yourself get along with other people.
+ Learn about the adaptive responses of the human psyche.
+ Explore the dichotomy of pathology and norm.
Inquire into the notions of personality and character
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Unlimited access
Duration 16 hours
The course will help you:
Get on good terms with people with completely different personality types.
Realize the importance of knowing the basics of the human mind.
Avoid hitting the panic button when you or somebody around you confronts psychological issues.
Analyze your own personality from the ground up and work through deep-seated problems.
Course program
6 modules
16 hours
What clinical psychology can tell about character and personality
Module 1. Personality Types (2 hours)
We will analyze modern theories of personality types.
  • Main features, strengths and weaknesses of each type of personality
  • Concepts of personality adaptations and accentuations of personal traits
  • Concept of "contact doors": how to find an approach to each personality type and how to make sure that you have an understanding
Module 2. Pathological Personalities (2 hours)
We will analyze the main types and diagnostic criteria of personality disorders.
  • General traits of personality disorders
  • Diagnostic criteria for personality disorders
Module 3. Mental Disorders (2 hours)
We will analyze mental disorders and use examples.
  • Determine types of adaptation and personality disorders using examples from interviews and films
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Overvalued, obsessive and delusional ideas
  • Difference between illusions and hallucinations
Module 4. Mood Disorders (2 hours)
We will talk about depression, mania and bipolar disorder and learn about existing types of depression.
  • Depression, mania and bipolar affective disorder
  • The main and additional symptoms of depression
  • Atypical types of depression
Module 5. Neuroses (2 hours)
We will discuss the main types of neuroses, emotional burnout, phobias and panic attacks.
  • "Burnout syndrome": main characteristics and dangers of this condition
  • Phobias and panic attacks
  • Types of neurotic disorders and their main signs
Module 6. Major Diseases (2 hours)
We will tell you all about schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders and teach you to distinguish them from other pathologies.
  • Types and forms of schizophrenia
  • Difference between schizophrenia and schizotypal disorder
  • Disorders similar to schizophrenia
Bonus lecture. Cognitive Psychology. How Our Thinking Shapes Our Life (2 hours)
Bonus lecture. How to Find Your Path and Vocation? (2 hours)
After completing the course, you will be granted a certificate.
It confirms that you have completed the entire course program.
Who is this course for?
You want to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps
You find it hard to communicate
You’re curious to know how the psyche operates (and sometimes malfunctions)
Anirban Basu
No regrets about the money paid for the course, Art for Introvert does a great job when it comes to psychology, examples from real life, and clear explanations of what stands behind our actions, thoughts, desires and traumas. Thank you!!
Kishor Khan
I’m really impressed with the amount and quality of info I received with your courses! It’s nice to see people who are eager to bring knowledge to others. Glad to have discovered your project!
Mandzhu Acharya
Great job, guys! It's really convenient you divided lectures into modules. The speaker was nice to listen to, and I loved the deep delve into the details of each theme you talked about.
Mahesh Ghattamaneni
Finished watching the course on cognitive psychology. I was looking for the comprehensive content that would give me a clear understanding of the subject, and perhaps better my perception of myself and improve my relationships with other people.
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Course format
16 hours of the salient information
Detailed description and helpful visuals
Tests for self-assessment after each lecture
Who created this course
Our actor
Jaklin Dafoe
Catherine Oksanen
Psychology practitioner and coach
Nelli Kundryukova
Art historian, PhD student
English editor
Alex Vanbroke
Why are lectures delivered by actors?

More often than not, specialists who are over the moon when writing their papers and doing their research do not feel enthusiastic about delivering their ideas and texts in front of a camera. This understanding influenced our decision to invite actors who feel comfortable and confident when being filmed. The expertise of our authors ensures high-quality content, whereas the professionalism of our actors buoys up its appeal to the audience.
This specialist has created the text and notes of the lectures by using recent scientific literature.
The editor has made the text of the lecture more coherent, structured, and easy to follow.
This person proofreads the translation and makes sure the definitions used in the lecture are accurate.
About the project
Art for Introvert is one of the biggest educational projects in Europe. Our ultimate goal is to make art, psychology, and science accessible to a wider public.
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We carefully select our authors and design our material so that you could easily understand the most complicated topics and neverget bored.
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What is the best way to take this course?
We recommend that you listen to all the lectures one by one to get a full picture. But, of course, you can also start from the part that interests you most.
Is there any time limit for taking this course?
There is none. Watch the course at your own pace.
Can I re-watch lectures after completing the course?
Sure! You have perpetual access to the entire course – and can return to it anytime.
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