Gustav Klimt: Sex, Gold, and Symbolism
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Lecture Highlights
You will find out why the academic artist suddenly turned into the main brawler of Vienna;
You will plunge into the world of gold and Eros, into the world of psychoanalysis and pre-war Europe;
You will learn about the relationship between Klimt and Adele, why there is no kiss in «The Kiss» and what was going on in his Studio.
Gustav Klimt is mostly known as a creator of charming golden images. But those images are not that simple – there is a radical change in the understanding of man and his essence behind them. Klimt lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and fought against its conventions through the language of painting. Taking classical subjects as a basis, he shows women of his time in them – sensual and seductive.

Klimt's oeuvre is rich and diverse. We will begin from the early Klimt, who created his works in the mainstream of classical art, which everyone liked. Then we will explore his landscapes – an undeservedly forgotten part of the artist's work.

After this, we will dive into a new understanding of sexuality, which is most clearly represented in Klimt's famous Golden period. And then we will finish our conversation with the last paintings of Klimt, in which all the gold disappears and completely new topics come up.
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I believe that art is a kind of love when you love and are beloved at the same time.

I am a philosopher and a curator. I am engaged in everything related to the perception of works of art.

I love marmalade. I've read Homer and Dante in the subway. I perceive the history of art as an exciting novel in which scandals/intrigues/investigations are interwined with ideas and concepts.
Nikita Dobryakov
Cultural researcher, philosoper (St. Petersburg State University), curator, Russian Society for Aesthetics member
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