Video course
Expert. From Сave Paintings to Banksy
After the course you will:
+ know the complete history of art
+ become an expert in styles and eras
+ be able to speak about art better than a guide
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Expert is your perfect guide
into art history
Our team of professional art historians prepared a 28-hour university course during which you will learn everything about the history of art – from cave drawings to contemporary installations.
The knowledge you acquire will allow you to dig deeper into the areas that interest you most. At our lectures, for example.
At the moment you are:
After the Expert course you:
- an art lover
- able to tell Monet from Manet (almost always)
- aware that Rubens existed but don’t know when
-make no mistakes in defining periods and styles of the artworks

- desipher the hidden meanings of the greatest paintings

- speak about art better than a guide
Bachelor of Art History
Master of Art History
- awards are named after you
- you shake hands with the Minister of culture
- libraries borrow books from you, not the other way around
- вашим именем называют премии
- здороваетесь за руку с министром культуры
- библиотеки берут у вас книги, а не вы у них
How does the course go?
Unlimited access
You get perpetual access to all the lectures right away
Flexible studying of the course
Watch lectures according to your own schedule at your convenience
Additional materials
The package includes summary of lectures and lists of additional literature
At the end of the course you receive a certificate
The program of the course
Who are the speakers?
Team of lecturers of “Art for Introvert”
Alena Repina
Art director of the lecture hall. Art historian (Repin Academic Institute Of Painting, Sculpture And Architecture; Academy of Arts), guide, interpreter, employee of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art
Nikita Dobryakov
Cultural researcher, philosopher (St. Petersburg State University), curator, member of the Russian Society for Aesthetics
Maria Kharitonova
Art historian (St. Petersburg State University), Culture expert (postgraduate student at St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture), art mediator
Nelly Kundryukova
Art critic (St. Petersburg State University), art and architecture historian (postgraduate student at the Russian Institute of Art History)
What is the best way to study this course?
Our recommendation We recommend that you listen to all the lectures one by one so that a coherent picture of the development of art would be built in your head. But, of course, you can also start from the point that interests you most.
Is there any time limit for taking this course?
There is none. Study the course at your own pace – be it 4 days or 8 months.
Can I re-watch different parts of the “Expert” after completing the course?
Sure! You get perpetual access to the entire course – get back to it anytime.
Recommended lectures
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You get perpetual access to all the lectures
The package includes lecture notes from our lecturers and lists of additional literature for further study
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