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Psychology course Evolution. Module 3
After the course you:
+ gain a comprehensive understanding of psychology as a science
+ will have walked all the way from Freud to neurobiology
+ are aware of the different ways of applying psychology in real life
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Anastasia Kulkova
Psychology Lecturer. Psychologist. Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin (Department of Psychology)
Experimental Psychology (2 hours)
This is the research area of psychology that carries out experiments and interprets their results.

Psychophysiology (2 hours)
It studies the psyche within its codependency on neurobiology and neural processes.

Psychosomatics (2 hours)
It studies how a mental state generally affects the health of the body.
What is the best way to study this course?
We recommend that you listen to all the lectures one by one so that a coherent picture of the development of psychology would be built in your head. But, of course, you can also start from the spot that interests you most.
Is there any time limit for taking this course?
There is none. Study the course at your own pace – be it 4 days or 8 months.
Can I re-watch different parts of the “Evolution” after completing the course?
Sure! You get perpetual access to the entire course – get back to it anytime.
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Lecture reviews

Guys, bravo! Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration! I am almost sure you will soon expand, because what you are doing is incredibly cool! Word of mouth is working: I'm telling everyone I know about you.

Natalya Chernisheva

Good afternoon! Thank you so much for your project. Judging by the quality and passion for what you are doing, you are clearly among the leaders on the market of modern lecture halls. Somehow, without even noticing it I started visiting you almost every week, since I can always find something interesting)

Ksenia Tishenko

I'm thrilled! I found inspiration, excitement and a certain amount of new knowledge in such a short period of time. Honestly, I did not want the lecture to end at all. I really want to visit other lectures from Nikita Dobryakov and I will definitely recommend you to everyone! I also appreciate the idea with the test on the material. Thank you! I wish you to grow fast and keep the quality stable;)

Egor Shlykov

I want to praise your wonderful lecture hall repeatedly. 2 hours went like a minute, I came out of the lecture with a feeling, as if at the end of a weekend: rested, filled with energy of knowledge and excellent mood!

I thank you endlessly and see you soon!

Natalya Kusmarceva
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