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History of fashion houses
High Fashion, which occupies the minds of fashionistas all over the world, evolves thanks to activities of the High Fashion Houses. It is individual couturiers and craftsmen who create the very Haute Couture.

Fashion houses dictate new rules, but at the same time they maintain traditions - be it the use of hand embroidery or fabrics of a certain category. They also change our vision of beauty and determine the length of the skirt in every decade. There is a story of real people behind the logos of almighty brands, with their personal dreams and vision of beauty.
During this course we will talk about the most outstanding fashion houses that have left their mark on history. In six lectures, we will get acquainted with exciting destinies and transformations of major brands. We'll define the DNA of each fashion house and learn how to easily distinguish Dior silhouettes from Chanel silhouettes. We will also understand how fashion houses keep going on after their founders leave.
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Lecture 1. Christian Dior
Dior is one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe. Like a firework it lit up the skyline of the fashion world of France after the war and created the main silhouettes of the 50s. Having survived oblivion due to exceeding conservatism, since the 90s Dior logo is once again an object of desire for fashionistas all over the planet.
2 hours
We will find out about the difficult fate of John Galliano;
We will figure out why Yves Saint Laurent was expelled;
We will find out what Russia has to do with the brand;
We will understand what role LVMH played in the brand's history
Lecture 2. Givenchy
The house of Count Hubert de Givenchy is primarily associated with the brilliant Audrey Hepburn. However, the history of the brand is dramatic: it experienced a brilliant start and the expulsion of Givenchy himself from his own brand after it had been purchased by the LVMH conglomerate. The past 30 years have been challenging for Givenchy, but the brand has nevertheless been able to regain its former status.
2 hours
We will find out who Hubert de Givenchy studied with;
We will see who became the face of the fashion house after the death of Audrey Hepburn;
We will find out what united the very different Givenchy and McQueen;
We will figure out why Claire Waight Keller was fired.
Lecture 3. Balenciaga
Cristobal Balenciaga used to be called the architect of the fashion world. Indeed, his unsurpassed cut, purity of lines and demand for quality took his work far beyond fashion world. A simple tailor from Spain managed to become someone who was respected and appreciated by absolutely everyone in the professional community.
He personally shut his fashion house down, having announced that high fashion was dead. And what about the ugly sneakers and hoodies that we see now at this brand's fashion shows?
2 hours
We will see into Balenciaga’s famous students;
We will understand why the appointment of Alexander Wang to the role of creative director caused outrage;
We will figure out who Demna Gvasalia is inspired by;
We will find out what unites Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga.
Lecture 4. Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent used to be called the king of fashion, but he himself believed that he created the wardrobe of a modern woman. His fashion house, which was born after Saint Laurent's expulsion from Dior, has become a symbol of a new era in fashion.

The great couturier ruled his house almost to the very end, and was succeeded by a designer whose creations he greatly appreciated. So why are brand admirers unhappy?
2 hours
We will find out who Pierre Berger is and what role he played in the history of the brand;
We will understand why the brand’s name has changed;
We will see how Gucci saved Yves Saint Laurent;
"Opium" fragrance and its uneasy history.
Lecture 5. Prada
Miuccia Prada studied philosophy, pantomime and was fond of politics. So how did it happen that she became the one who made the Italian accessory brand one of the world leaders in clothing industry? Prada fashion house glamorized "terrible" clothing and always had a clear political position.
2 hours
We will find out why the devil wears Prada;
We will discover how Miu Miu brand and Miuccia Prada are connected;
We will analyze how the fashion house promotes its ideals;
We will see which movie characters are dressed in Prada clothes.
Lecture 6. Maison Martin Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela is one of the representatives of the Belgian school, who turned our vision of beauty upside down. His experiments with deconstructed clothing still inspire designers today. The identity of Margiela remains a mystery, he hides from the media and is reluctant to give interviews. He appoints the scandalous John Galliano as his successor, under whose leadership the brand's business continues to prosper.
2 hours
We will see what tabi is and how it became the symbol of a brand;
We will learn how to replicate one of Margiela's masterpieces ourselves;
We will find out what the numbers on the tags mean;
We will reveal who copies the archival work of Margiela.
Bonus lecture
1. Vogue Magazine: Handbook of Fashion
2 hours
Bonus lecture
2. Bulgari, Tiffany, Cartier: Haute Couture Jewelry
2 hours
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