How to Connect with People
and Make Your Relationships Last
Do you feel overwhelmed by work or struggle to maintain a healthy relationship? It doesn't have to be that way.
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Ahh, the exes. We've all got them!
Whether it's an ex-lover, a former job position, or an old friend who you don't talk to anymore - it can be tough when things don't pan out exactly how we'd hoped.
We created a six-hour course to help you understand your past experience in work, love life, and friendship so that you can build healthier and happier relationships in the present day.
It's all scientifically proven, but we'll never bore you: our examples come from your favorite series, like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter.
A step-by-step guide to help you:
learn how to approach dating with a healthy mindset and not get caught up in the same patterns that led to failure in the past.
build good relationships with your colleagues to ensure that the spotlight is on you when it's time for promotions.
feel less anxious and nervous, so you can start letting yourself be the boss rather than letting your emotions run the show.
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  • 6 hours

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I'm a Social & Cultural Psychologist specializing in Gender & Sex Education, Love Relationships, Mental Health, Human Rights, and Migration.

Apart from teaching and tutoring, I give therapy. With more than ten years of experience in NGOs & Social Justice work, my mission is to generate positive changes and promote well-being through critical thinking, acceptance, and compassion for ourselves and our world.
Psychologist/Therapist and Tutor
BA in Psychology and MA in Social and Cultural Psychology.
Emilio Toussaint


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