The Legacy of Coco Chanel: Love, Fashion, Art, Secrets!
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Lecture Highlights
You will learn about the history of fashion in Chanel's era and its heroes: Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet, Mariano Fortuny, Christian Dior and Jeanne Lanvin;
You will explore thorny path of our heroine;
You will know about most vivid love stories of the legendary Coco – and even the connection between Chanel and the Nazis;
You will learn how Chanel's name was fading away and how Karl Lagerfeld revived the cult of her fashion house;
Coco Chanel gave women true luxury: perfume Chanel №5, a little black dress, a pantsuit, Jersey dresses, freedom and lightness, grace and style.

Having made a breakthrough in fashion, she also made a breakthrough in consciousness, forcing to look differently at what a woman's image can be. But before becoming a great legend, Coco Chanel went through a path of ups and downs, exile and recognition, triumph and doubts.

Who was the legendary Coco Chanel? Why did she make a revolution? What does her legacy consist of? We will find out at our lecture!
You will find out what a breakthrough in fashion she made and its importance for the role of women in society.
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Who is the lecturer?
One can say that fashion is something unimportant, insignificant and shallow. However, it will show only one thing – a complete lack of understanding of the essence of fashion. This institution is as global and significant as cinema, literature, or music. We live in a fashion world that – whether we want it or not – speaks through us every day.

For me, the study of fashion every time turns into a study of society, everyday life and people's consciousness. The most important thing is to be able to understand how such simple things can be the tools for changing society, and this is what you'll learn in my lectures.
Elizaveta Fandorina
Lecturer in fashion
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