Hieronymus Bosch. Hidden Meanings and Secret Signs
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Lecture Highlights
What Northern Renaissance is about and why most of the Bosch's characters are not horrible, but funny;
Major symbols in Hieronymus Bosch's paintings and reverse meaning of ordinary things in the fantastic world of medieval art;
Why Bosch is a predecessor of surrealist painting;
Why a frog is a symbol of a witch, and an owl is a symbol of heresy and evil forces;
Hieronymus Bosch is one of the most prominent artists of the Northern Renaissance. But why is he so popular nowadays?

The clue is hidden in his mystery. Bosch's persona and art are shrouded in mystery.

Some of them pretend to be true, but most of them are actually conspiracy theories. Some people say Bosch was heretic, others suppose he used an altered state of mind to create his art. There is also a version that Hieronymus Bosch did not exist as a person, but there was a group of painters who created all the masterpieces attributed to him.

Also his art is full of hidden meanings and symbols. Our lecture will help you to find a way to the real understanding of Bosch's art. We will use nothing but facts and records to decode Hieronymus Bosch's secret signs.
Main Apocalypse triptychs and process of preparation for the End of the World in 1500.
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My major interest is the art of the XX century. I am sure there are no complicated themes or things, but there are lots of wrong explanations. I will not overload you with some odd historical information, but I will teach you how to interpret different artworks by yourself
Alyona Repina
Creative director of the Lecture Hall "Art for Introvert", art historian (Saint-Petersburg, Academy of Art), tourist guide
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